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Phase 1 – Goals and Rewards

I published a little article about setting goals last week, but never talked about my own. So, here we are…

Phase 1 Goals:

  • Primary – Lose 15 lbs in 12 weeks
  • Improve 1 Mile Run time – reduce to 8 mins 30 secs if possible
  • Adapt a consistently healthier diet
  • Drink 120 L of water each day, or as much as possible

Now, one thing that article did not talk about was rewards…something to look into for a future post. But here is mine – Below is my personal reward for completing my Primary goal:

Why not? Kilt’s are awesome. And i live in Florida, its HOT here. Kilts are well ventilated 🙂

My goals are a bit conservative, i know. But i wanted to set something i beleive is truly attainable for this 1st phase.