About Me…

Me? Who am I? Collin J Wood, 40-ish father of 4 (3 daughters and a stepson). In Love with an Amazing lady. Loving Life in general, but not happy with my level of physical fitness. That’s why we are doing this.

Next year, I hit 45.

Currently I weigh in at 244 lbs, BMI 34.7, body fat 31.3%, 5ft 10 in tall (5′ 11″ on a good day).

Goals: weight – 200 lbs, body fat – TBD but less than 20%, BMI – TBD but less than 20 – still have to do some research on Body fat % and BMI

The Plan – various work out plans and improved nutrition.

I welcome helpful tips, suggestions, comments, words of encouragement. Share your success stories and cautionary tales if you like.

Oh, and you can expect to see lots of references to Super Heroes and Science Fiction, so yeah…